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Our NEW Slide Out Options

   We are proud to announce our new slide out option for our tiny houses. Much like an RV and Camper, we have incorporated this same concept into our 30FT. Home Design to increase overall square footage without compromising the mobility aspect of the home. Our 30 FT. Tiny Houses will have Three slide outs: Two on one end and another Towards the middle. They will be Able to extend an entire room up to 10 feet. The slide outs will be electric or manual.

 We are proud to bring this game changing innovation to the tiny house market. 

We have limited quantities as of now.

Order yours Soon!

Ask about our Tiny House Slide Out Option Today! 

Our Customizable Floor Plans

All of our floor plans are customizable and designed to fit our customer's needs for optimized comfortability. Everything is carefully structured and put together to get the absolute most out of your living space.

tiny house plan_edited_edited.jpg

Our Floor Plans are Tailored to You

Please Contact to start your very own design.

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